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Dakota Worldwide announces introduction of Locus™ ProView – 01/17/11

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Press Release 01/17/11 :

Contact: Elliott Olson

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Dakota Worldwide links Locus™ Professional with Google Maps bringing the full array of maps and aerials to a gravity model..

MINNEAPOLIS (January 2011) – Dakota Worldwide Corporation has successfully completed its trial runs of the new Locus™ ProView which links Google Maps to their gravity model. Trade areas can now be displayed from Google Map’s map, satellite, hybrid, and terrain views. It is also interactive in adding new placemarks such as retail store locations and other important features.

These enhancements add new levels to understanding the marketplace and can be viewed by any non Locus user by a simple file transfer. Placemarks (facility map keys) can be positioned precisely on a facility using the satellite view with corresponding longitude/latitude values placed into the Locus™ ProView Facilities tab.

“More apps and display features will be added, but as word leaked out of our testing, some current users of Locus Professional were calling to get this new version out as quickly as possible.” says Elliott Olson, CEO of Dakota Worldwide. “We wanted to quickly get this in the hands of the market analysts across the country as it adds value and cuts cost. While we have continually enhanced Locus since its creation in 1975 and added the ability to segment the market four years ago using lifestyle data, the ability to interface with Google Maps has caused the most buzz. It has also been well received by our foreign clients who do not have the range of maps available to them”.

Olson credits the Dakota market analysts and clients for their inspiring ideas as the Locus program has advanced over the years. Carol Murphy, the system czar since 1998, has been the most innovative and creative force behind gravity modeling since Locus was developed.

Starting January 17th, the Locus™ ProView download will be available on Dakota Worldwide’s website. It’s a free download for all current users. Check the website monthly for new download updates. Elliott Olson commented that all users will receive via e- mail the week of September 6th, a zip file containing Locus™ ProView, a “Quick Guide” covering all the new program enhancements, and a sample map temp file to view outside of Locus.

Dakota Worldwide Corporation is a marketing research consulting group comprised of professionals who have spent their careers in the areas of marketing, retail operations, research, training, management, strategic planning, and site location. Many of the key members of the corporation, both management and consultants, have worked closely together as a group for many years. Elliott Olson, the Chairman of Dakota Worldwide, originally founded Retail Systems in 1975.