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Census Data 2010

Census Data 2010

Dakota Worldwide proudly announces the release of the US Census Bureau’s Summary File 1 (SF1) arranged and compressed onto a singular CD for ease of use and convenience.

Every 10 years the US Census conducts a national count of all persons in the US. SF1 contains the 100-percent data, which is the information compiled from the questions asked of all people and about every housing unit.

Population items include:

  • Sex,
  • Age,
  • Race,
  • Households,
  • Families, and
  • Group quarters.
Housing items include:

  • Overall counts,
  • Occupancy status,
  • Vacancy status, and
  • Tenure

These categories break down into over 1000 individual variables. And each of these variables is available at 8 different levels of geography – Block group, Tract, ZCTA™, Place (city), MCD, County, MSA, and State.

If you need even more detail, the same variables can also be delivered at the block level in their own specialized set of CD’s. Block level data is the most detailed level data possible. Imagine targeting your customer down to the city block!

In addition to the wealth of data found in the datasets above, we manufacture the most accurate sets of geographies available (also sold as a single CD) _ thereby giving you the opportunity to create a vast array of maps with very little effort. The geographies, including block level if desired, are all available in the hugely popular MapInfoƒ file format.

Still have a few questions? Here are some of the more common questions we hear.

Why upgrade now?

Here are a couple of simple examples of why it’s time to upgrade.

  1. Race. Did you know that the Hispanic community grew an astounding 57.9% over 1990.
  2. Population shift. The highest general population growth (19.7%) continues to be in the West, with Nevada leading the country.

I already have current year estimates, why not use them?

If you think your current estimates got you covered, you’re probably mistaken. Although all the data houses that provide population estimates do a good job in making estimates, the bottom-line is that they are still estimates and only the 2000 Census is a true reflection of what is going on in your market place. Furthermore, many estimates being supplied by the data houses are still based on 1990 data.

I thought the data was free from the US Census Bureau?

You may freely download the ‘raw’ data from the Bureau’s web site. However, the data still needs to be processed, which can easily take several days to accomplish and in some cases require the assistance of a programmer to perform the task.

When is the product available?

September 1, 2001

Can I have a sample?

Click here to download a sample of Dakota Worldwide’s 2000 U.S. Census Data.

Do you have a list of the variables included?

Click here to see the Field Definitions for the Census Database.

How is the product priced?

Data Geographies *
National Coverage – Containing Block Group thru State level Summaries (8) $995.00
One CD
One CD
National Coverage – Containing Block thru State level Summaries (9) $1,495.00
Nine CD’s
Three CD’s

** MapInfo format

Do you have multi-user pricing?

Please call us for details on multi-user pricing

How do I order the product?

Please call 1-800-475-4505 to order!

or e-mail your order in at dakotaww@dakotaww.com