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Thanks, from the LOCUS Pro™ Team

We would like to thank everyone who helped us make the LOCUS Pro™ Conference a success, including all our clients, retailers, manufactures and consultants. We have already started to apply your requests, comments and suggestions into the latest version of LOCUS Pro™.  Bookmark and check this page periodically, since we are constantly upgrading LOCUS Pro™.


Download the latest LOCUS Pro™View Update Files

LOCUS Pro™View is constantly being upgraded, so check periodically for new updates!   Download the latest version by selecting the appropriate link below.  Note that you must have a fully active version of LOCUS to use any upgrades. We also provide a fully operational trial version, so call us!

As you already know, LOCUS Pro™View is the premier gravity model in use today.  It was originally designed in 1975 and has undergone constant development and refinement since its inception.  LOCUS Pro™View has proved itself during the past 35 years, encompassing literally hundreds of thousands of sales projections.

Combining the LOCUS Pro™View software with a personal or laptop computer and a professional market analyst trained in our procedures results in highly accurate sales projections.  The system is capable of modeling large metropolitan areas as well as small towns or single sites.  LOCUS Pro™View is being used by many large corporations, on a lease basis, as well as our in-house staff. We provide initial training as well as ongoing support.

The latest version of LOCUS™ has a new name. LOCUS™ ProView

Follow these steps to install LOCUS™ ProView on your computer.

First: Extract/unzip the LOCUS™ ProView download file(see below) to your LOCUS™ folder. (The default path is c:\Program Files\Locus Professional.)

Second: You need to create a new Desktop Icon for the new program file “LOCUS ProView.exe”.

To do this; Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and go to the folder C:\Program Files\Locus Professional and right click on the file “LOCUS ProView.exe”.

Then select the “Send To” option and then select the “DeskTop (Create Short Cut) option. Start using this Icon for the Locus program.

Then remember to stop using the Locus Pro Program.

Locus™ ProView Program Release 10.1.6:  (2/20/15, 1.3 MB)
Locus™ ProView Quick Guide Jan 2011:  (01/17/11, 370 KB)
Locus™ Rx Program Update:  (09/23/10, 1.03 MB)
Locus™ Pro Program Release 9 Update:  (04/27/10, 1.24 MB)
Import MapLink Sample Data:  (06/21/00, 22kB)

Note: Documents require the FREE Acrobat Reader


NEW Features December 2001.PDF

Features February 2001.PDF

Features October 2000.PDF

Features August 2000.PDF




Free LOCUS ProView Trial CD-ROM

For your evaluation there is a LOCUS™ ProView trial CD-ROM available free for 30 days.

Download the Locus™ ProView Trial version or request a CD by mail

You will be able to test LOCUS™ ProView and compare it to your current modeling program. The manual for LOCUS™ ProView is on the CD-ROM as well, and will help guide you through the set-up and modeling process. In addition, our staff will be available to answer questions over the telephone. Please call or email Dakota Worldwide at  (800) 475-4505/Dakotaww@dakotaww.com for your evaluation copy.

NOTE: We recommend that you extract all updates and patches to a temp directory on your hard drive.