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The Center Store Syndicated Report

The Center Store Syndicated Report

Dakota Worldwide is conducting a new syndicated study on the migration of Center-Store sales in today’s retail environment.  The customer who used to buy Center-Store products at traditional groceries and pharmacies is now migrating to other stores in the phenomenon known as Cross-Channel Shopping.

“The percentage of those who shop in mass merchandisers, specialty food and convenience stores [has increased] nine points to 49%.”-Progressive Grocer

This report examines what has motivated shoppers away from the traditional center store aisles into mass merchandising stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc…

Why are mass merchants attracting new customers away from traditional stores every day?

Why are customers cross-channel shopping more  frequently?

Why are shoppers less loyal these days?



To answer these and other questions, Dakota Worldwide is studying customer impressions, motivations and behavior concerning migration to non-traditional stores.

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