Dakota Worldwide

Revenue Management

All activities from building a new store to investing in marketing and advertising requires a clear knowledge and management of revenues. We often see silos in an organization that all have an effect on revenues. Many times a department’s goals are out of sync with other departments. Dakota has tools such as Locus a site location model and Price Defender a revenue forecasting system that help organizations coordinate the various silo activities and manage revenue.

Customer Understanding

As Bob Dylan said “The time they are a changing.” Your customer’s wants and needs, your competition’s style, diversity and intensity are also a changing. Through various tools such as consumer view, and web site monitoring  Dakota measures virtually every department of every competitor providing detailed consumer perceptions and avenues for sales growth.

Client Support

Dakota Worldwide considers its systems open source and leases it computer models such as Locus and Quintillion to retailers and consultants wishing to use them. We are also a reseller For  Popstats, Landscape and other data supplied by Synergos Technologies in Austin, Texas. Dakota offers training programs for all of its programs.

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