Dakota Worldwide


Dakota Worldwide Inc. is primarily involved in the analysis of return and the quantification of risk for capital investments with a spatial dimension. Clients include the nation’s greatest retailers, manufacturers, developers, bankers and health care providers.

It has internally developed decision support software including Quintillion – a geographical executive information system developed at McDonald’s, Locus Pro – a supermarket site location system, QSL – a site location system for quick serve restaurants, Octane a network planning system for retail petroleum, Shipping a site location program for postal & overnight delivery systems and LocusPharm – a site location system for drug stores.

All of Dakota’s modeling systems are enhanced by the use of Synergos Technologies data sets including:

  • STI: PopStats
  • STI: LandScape
  • STI: WorkPlace
  • STI: Spending Patterns
  • Consumer Research & Customer Satisfaction

Projects include determining sales projections for stores and networks, macro overviews for planning and expert testimony.

* SAVE THE DATE – 2016 Locus Professional Conference, scheduled for June 20-22, 2016, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Where: Embassy Suites Bloomington, MN
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